We are a Design Collective based in San Francisco. Our vision is to harness unique local insights and crafts from around the world to create a interesting experiences and artifacts.

The Studio is engaged in experimental projects at the intersection of culture, objects and design. We render new perspectives on materials, forms and perceptions through our conceptual projects. Our studio projects involve ethnographic studies and visual story telling of the relationships between objects and culture.

The Shop collaborates with designers and artisans to develop a lifestyle brand that celebrates craft and manufacturing techniques from around the world. Our shopping experiences are built around relationship, conversation and community of people who share our design values and curiosities.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Point of View

Creating an experience that spans from curiosity through commerce - that in a nutshell is our point of view, our reason for existence. To us, the story matters more than the presentation. The journey is more important than the destination.

We will design, curate and retail unique products through our partnerships with designers and artisans from across the globe to bring fresh cultural perspectives and inspiration to your homes.

Adventures of an Object 

Vernacular is simplistically defined as the everyday language spoken by people pertaining of a group or ideology. We hope to share and inspire these ideologies of creativity, artistic expression, of care and craftsmanship through the products we source and manufacture.

Our products combine traditional craft from diverse local cultures with contemporary design that renders a different and yet compelling version of these crafts.

Meaningful Design

Every object tells a story. We associated deep cultural meanings with the everyday artifacts of our lives and these associations haven't changed much over time. The form and shape of a product, our perception of its value and function reveal a lot about how we process the world around us.

We thoughtfully curate products that tell engaging stories. We believe in responsible consumerism and hope to inspire you to choose meaning over style and timelessness over trends.

Meet the Chief Curator and Designer 

Rupa Chaturvedi is a Product Designer and Cultural Explorer; interested in exploring the relationships between objects, design and culture. 

She is a compulsive street roamer who likes to capture cultural context, behavior patterns and visual stories. Her work is a combination of client commissions in the area of design, innovation and behavior change as well as self initiated projects around handmade objects and art installations.

Her work has earned her several international design awards:

  • Red Dot Product Design Award 
  • GOOD Design Award 
  • Spark Design Awards 

Rupa is Product Design graduate from Stanford University, a Founding Participant of THNK, Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership and Design Lecturer at the Stanford d.School and The Amani Institute