introducing #peoplepatterns

introducing #peoplepatterns

December 22, 2016

#peoplepattern is a new project that we "spontaneously" embarked upon when we needed some graphic design work for the shop. The goal for the project was to come up with some new patterns that we could use in our branding endeavors. I came up with the concept of patterns based on people. Well, why not?

It all started with the motif of a single "person" in black and white. I started creating simple grid patterns and adding single colors to it. I then mixed up the arrangements with two "persons" in opposite directions from each other. I also played around with circular arrangements.

I desired a highly versatile artifact - something that can be used in many different ways and for various types of projects. The idea was to create something cheerful and fun and we chose a very basic florescent palette. 

I started with some basic animal forms - chosen for their majestic forms and personalities. One thing led to another and some new forms showed up including these for the holiday cheer! To download the artwork scroll all the way to the bottom of this post.  

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 5.22.42 PM.png

The most fun part was to create compound patterns - patterns from patterns. My favorite is the elephant and I can't wait to make something cool out of it! 

Sample Artwork

Download links

Need these in a different size or background? Just email us at and we will send you a digital file for free! 

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